Onside Kick Family Hour: ‘Sometimes you’ve got to overcome coaching’

This week, Stephen White and Ryan Van Bibber are previewing the NFL Divisional Round, Gruden’s return, the coaching carousel and more!

Hot damn! You, dear football fan, just so happen to be in good luck. The Onside Kick Family Hour is here to help you get ready for the Divisional Round playoff games.


Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White and myself first go back through last week’s Wild Card Games, covering everything from figuring out what the hell is wrong with the Chiefs in the playoffs to how the Titans and Marcus Mariota overcame coaching, and more!

Speaking of overcoming coaching, we break down some of the moves happening on the coaching carousel. Yes, that includes Jon Gruden, and we have some questions about how well his style will fit with today’s players.

And yes, we have plenty to say about the matchups on tap this week. But let’s get the BIG THING out of the way right now — the Jags can beat the Steelers. And how would you like to be a Steelers fan with an entire offseason to think about losing to Blake Bortles?

We can’t talk about a Patriots game without the elephant in the room: the Brady-Belichick feud. It’s hilarious, but we think they can probably hold it together for a couple of more years until no amount of kale and electrolytes will save Tom Brady from Father Time’s ravages.


Source: Sports Feed

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