Jimmy Butler saying ‘What the f*** is that?’ is the best new reaction gif

Jimmy was not a fan of that shot.

If your teammates can’t be brutally honest with you, who can? During Wednesday’s game against the Clippers, the Timberwolves had a cushy lead against Los Angeles but a defensive rebound had Taj Gibson thinking, “Hey why not pad this lead even more?”

It’s a long shot, literally, but a fullcourt make to end the half would be an exquisite exclamation point. It … did not go well. The shot wouldn’t have even counted since it was still in his hand at the buzzer (but it looked like he earnestly attempted the shot rather than preserving his shooting percentage).

The ball reached the restricted area, which is a start. Jimmy Butler saw that and instead of laughing it off, he blared out a “What the fuck was that?”

This new reaction gif might live on in the annals of Twitter for a long time. The two have played together for years in Chicago and now they’re back together in Minnesota, so this is all love. We hope Taj tries this shot again though, just to see Jimmy’s reaction.

Source: Sports Feed

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