Cleveland newspaper cleverly throws shade at LeBron’s return

LeBron and the Lakers play the Cavaliers in Cleveland on Nov. 21

Seeing LeBron James in a Lakers uniform will take some getting used to, especially for Cavaliers fans who lost their hometown savior for the second time in eight years. At least the response this time was much more tame than burning his jerseys.

News of the 2018-19 NBA schedule broke this week, and among the highlights is James’ return to Cleveland with the Lakers on November 21. In Wednesday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer the story of his return had a bitterly clever headline for this news:

“Former Cav James also expected to play” is an hilariously petty subhead. The online version of this article, it should be noted, has a more standard headline: “LeBron James will return to Cleveland as member of Lakers on Nov. 21.”

It’s just not as fun.

Source: Sports Feed

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